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Fall 2022 Schedule
08/29 Intro to Comp Semantics      
08/31 Sets, Relations, Functions EU2.1-2.3    
09/07 Lambda Calculus EU2.4 Personal Learning Goals 1 due, HW1 out  
09/12 Types EU2.5    
09/14 Functional Programming with Haskell EU2.6-3.3    
09/19 Functional Programming with Haskell, Part 2 EU3.4-3.6  
09/21 Functional Programming with Haskell, Part 3 EU3.7-3.10    
09/28 Propositional Logic EU4.4, 5.2 HW1 due  
10/03 Predicate Logic EU4.5, 5.5 HW2 out  
10/12 A Model of a Fragment of English EU3.13, 4.2, 5.6, 6.3    
10/13 A Model of a Fragment of English, Part 2 EU7.5-7.6    
10/18 Extension and Intension EU8.1-8.2   Quantifier Raising
10/19 Functors and Applicative Functors L8.9, 11.1-11.2 Paper Presentation Ideas and HW2 due, HW3 out  
10/24 Applicative Functors in Language and Intensional Constructs EU8.3-8.4    
10/26 Modal and Temporal Logic HR5.1-5.2, 3.2    
10/31 Continuations and Monads EU11    
11/02 Monads and Continuations, Part 2 L12 HW3 due, HW4 out Continuation Passing
11/07 Dynamic Semantics      
11/09 Vector Semantics and Embeddings JM6.1-6.4 Final Project Idea due Composition in Dynamic Semantics
11/14 Vector Semantics and Embeddings, Part 2 JM6.5-6.11    
11/16 Contextualized Word Embeddings   HW4 due  
11/28 Paper Presentations Papers    
11/30 Paper Presentations, Part 2 Papers    
12/05 Paper Presentations, Part 3 Papers    
12/07 Course Wrap-up   Progress Report (HW5) due  
Final Project Presentations   Personal Learning Goals 2 and Final Project due 12/19