Fall 2019 Schedule
08/30 Intro to Comp. Semantics Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 1   Meaning Representations and Predicate Logic Slides
09/03 Lambda Calculus and Types 1/2 (sections 1-2) Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 2   Lambda Calculus Slides
09/06 Lambda Calculus and Types 2/2 (section 3) Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 3 HW1 out Rules for manipulating lambda terms, Haskell Slides
09/10 Quantifiers (section 4) Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 7.1-7.2   Constructing data types
09/13 Formal Grammars 1/2 Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 4   Briscoe’s Formal Semantics, Map and Filter Slides
09/17 Formal Grammars 2/2     Unified Verb Index, PropBank, VerbNet Slides
09/20 Compositionality and Typing 1/2 Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 5 HW1 due, HW2 out Quantifier Substitutions, Data Type Slides
09/24 Compositionality and Typing 2/2 Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 7.3-7.6 Polymorphism Slides, Russell “On Denoting”
09/27 Ambiguity, Extension, and Intension Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 7.7-8.3   Montague (1973)
10/04 Modal Logic and Intensionality Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 8.4-8.6 HW2 due 10/6, HW3 out John seeks a unicorn
10/08 Modal Logic 1/2   Slides
10/11 Modal Logic 2/2     Eric Pacuit’s Slides on Modal Logic
10/18 Modal Logics for Time: LTL and CTL Van Eijck/Unger Chapter 9 HW3 due, HW4 out Slides, More Slides
10/22 Monads and Continuations Review of Monads Writing imperative programming in Haskell
10/25 Generative Lexicon and Type Theory GL Introduction Slides  
10/29 Type Coercion and Compositionality Qualia Structure   Type Composition in GL
11/01 File-change Semantics Coppock’s Slides HW4 due Heim (1983)
11/05 Dynamic Semantics and Continuations      
11/08 Models of Time Slides    
11/12 Encoding Context and Presuppositions     Presupposition in DRT
11/15 Computational Theory of Events 1/2 Computational Models of Events   1. An overview of event extraction from text 2. Event Extraction as Dependency Parsing 3. Discovering Volatile Events in Your Neighborhood 4. Web Minging for Event-Based Commonsense Knowledge 5. joint Event Extraction 6. Extracting Temporal and Causal Relations between Events
11/19 Computational Theory of Events 2/2    
11/22 Presupposition and Context Change Blackburn; Bos; Romero slides on Presupposition    
11/26 Dynamic Lexical Semantics DITL Slides